Bibb Superintendent Nearing Evaluation Deadline

6:54 AM, Oct 31, 2012   |    comments
Romain Dallemand
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Almost two years into his contract, Bibb school board members have to formally evaluate superintendent Romain Dallemand's performance.

That was likely the topic of a called meeting Tuesday tonight. All board members would say about it on the record is that they discussed "personnel matters".

Just after the meeting started, they quickly got up and went into executive session behind closed doors. A source familiar with the process tells us board members planned to use the session to discuss the superintendent's evaluation.

That's in line with the superintendent's employment contract dated February 1, 2011.

It reads "By no later than November 15 during each year of this agreement, the board of education shall devote at least a portion of one executive session meeting to an evaluation of the superintendent's performance and his working relationship with the board."

It goes on to list seven criteria by which the board should evaluate Dallemand, including "progress toward meeting state academic requirements and board standards... Effective community relations and regular communication to community stakeholders," and "professional relations between the Superintendent and the district's employees and demonstrated accessibility to the Superintendent's office to address employee concerns and receive their input."

After the executive session, board members would not comment on the evaluation, but Romain Dallemand did give his take on his own performance in some of the criteria.

"In a very long time since we've been looking at the data, every elementary school scored above 80 percent proficiency in reading," said Dallemand, "and so we are moving forward; we are making progress, and we are making things happen."

Other markers indicate the district isn't doing that well. 

For example, in 8th grade CRCT math scores from last school year, 43 percent did not meet the standard. That's compared to the 2010-2011 school year when 25 percent didn't meet the standard.

Dallemand also says he has been an effective communicator.

"Well, when you look at what I've done, I'm open to meeting with community members. I've given presentations all over the community. I've met with individual staff members and community members. Every Monday, I'm open to meet with community members," he said.

It's not clear whether the board will make the evaluation public. Some board members say it's considered part of a personnel file, and for the most part, those are protected from open records laws.

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