Milledgeville Welcomes New Kroger

4:04 PM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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Wednesday, one of the largest Krogers in the state opened its doors to hundreds of customers in Baldwin County.

But locals from Baldwin and Putnam counties say they're hoping more businesses come to town and add to their shopping lists.

"Parmesian cheese should be around here somewhere," Donna Beckum says strolling through the aisles.

Beckum takes her mother shopping once a week and says she's hoping the new store rakes in deal seekers from all over.

"Anything that can be influxed into a community is always better, especially in this day and age," says Beckum.

Milledgeville Baldwin County Development Authority Executive Director, Angie Gheesling, says it's a fresh start to building up the north end of the county.

"I think growth in this area will now begin to take on what we envisioned 20 years ago," she says.

Gheesling says about eight years ago they got funding to lay sewage lines to allow development.


Fingers crossed, she says, that companies would build.

"It took vision and it took really leaping out there and making an investment that we knew that the community knew you might not see a return for a while," says Gheesling.

The first development came through kroger and some hope bringing in shoppers will get other businesses on board.


"We have friends that even live toward Lake Oconee and they come down to the Kroger when it was in the old store," says shopper Kristin Proper.


So they say bargain hunters coming from near and far could fill jobs and development for North Baldwin County.

The 93 thousand square foot Kroger features a drive-thru pharmacy, eat-in area, and the largest Kroger fuel center in the state.    

The fuel center, just down the road from the lake, is designed with enough room for people to fill up towing boats.

Kroger filled 150 new positions in Baldwin County.


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