Perry High School Students Take Charge At The Fair

10:05 PM, Oct 14, 2011   |    comments
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For many fairgoers, checking out the food is their favorite part of the fair.

Some Houston County teenagers say they have the best food and service down at the Georgia National Fair this year.

Perry High School students run the Houston County Young Farmers food booth during the day, selling what they call the best smoke pork-chop sandwiches and tea at the fair.

Houston County Young Farmers adviser Phil Gentry says that he believes letting the kids take charge of the food booth during the day helps them grow and allows them to see the fair in a new light.

"It is really good for the kids. They get to experience the fair like nobody else gets to experience the fair," says Gentry. "People from all different walks of life come by the booth and talk to the kids and interact with the kids, so it is a great education experience for them."

Senior Alica Crowe says it can be a little different for customers to see a teenager serving them, but the experience is good overall.

"Sometimes it's a little frustrating for the crowd, just because we are young and some people get frustrated with us easily," she says, "but nine times out of ten, it's fun and the people enjoy it because they are meeting the high-schoolers who are taking charge."

She says working with people that she knows just makes the experience better.  "My favorite part for sure is just being with these people. I have been with them for four years now and they are great people to be around. It is great environment and it is just all-around a good time," says Crowe.

All of the money raised from the booth will help support agriculture events for Houston County's Future Farmers of America and 4-H groups.

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