New Kroger Coming to Milledgeville

8:35 AM, Jul 28, 2011   |    comments
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Kroger shoppers can do some mega shopping this fall.

That's when one of the state's largest Kroger stores plans to open its doors in Milledgeville.

Construction crews are hitting the dirt, to keep the $13 million project on schedule.

For Edwin Thompson, it's another day on the job.

"You're setting grade stakes in order for the drainage, you're setting curb and gutter stakes so you can have the proper drainage," he says as he does land surveying.

He started Thompson Land Surveyors Incorporated 40 years ago, but landed his biggest job last fall-- a 93 thousand square foot Kroger built just across the street from his own home.

"All of the people that live on Lake Sinclair and this area will have easy access to it, and I think it will be very beneficial to the county."

But Angie Gheesling, Executive Director of the Milledgeville Baldwin County Development Authority, says that's not the only plus.

"Anytime you see construction, they say now that's the true indicator of how your economy is rebounding and for us, this is just one of several sites that we have now under construction, hopefully it gives people some hope that really we are truly on a rebound," she says. 

Gheesling says the new Kroger will bring at least 75 new jobs to the area.

And for Thompson, that's good news.

"Milledgeville has lost so many jobs with so many companies going out, that this is just a tremendous asset, and I am glad to see this come," Thompson says.

So for Kroger shoppers and job seekers, it's a project bringing economic progress to the Milledgeville area.

Milledgeville currently has four chain grocery stores: two Piggly Wigglys, a Wal-Mart, and a Kroger that plans to shut its doors once the new one is complete.

Thompson says Kroger plans to open its doors this October.

A Kroger representative says the store will have everything from a prepared meal area, to a fuel center, and drive thru pharmacy.

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