Beef or Turkey Tacos

3:32 PM, Sep 1, 2011   |    comments
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4 (6 inch) tortillas corn or whole wheat
1 fresh lime
5 tablespoons salsa
1 tsp chili powder
½ tsp sea salt
8 oz extra lean ground beef (or ground white turkey)
1 tomato
1 onion
1 handful chopped fresh cilantro
1 spoonful of non-fat, plain Greek yogurt as "sour cream" topping
Add diced avocado

1. Brown meat in skillet on medium-high heat. Add water to skillet if using turkey to keep moist. Once meat is cooked thoroughly, add chili powder, sea salt and pepper to taste.
2. Wash, pat dry and slice cilantro. Dice tomato. Dice onion.
3. Construct soft tacos by placing one-quarter of beef mixture onto each tortilla.
4. Evenly distribute toppings over beef.
5. Add a slice of avocado onto each taco.
6. Spoon salsa and yogurt evenly over top of the four tacos.
7. Squeeze fresh lime wedge right before serving.

*Timesaver tip: Cook all meat and season more than half for tacos and taco pizzas for lunch the next day. Save other portion of cooked meat for spaghetti for dinner next day.


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