How the Government Shutdown Affects Your Healthcare

6:46 PM, Oct 8, 2013   |    comments
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We continue our look at the government shutdown and what it means for you and your family when you need healthcare.

13WMAZ's Anita Oh sat down with professor of health administration Chris Tsavatewa from Middle Georgia State College.

The government shutdown has affected federal websites. Furloughs have reduced staff, which means websites are not being updated.

In the midst of the shutdown and the Centers for Disease Control pausing on their outreach efforts, Tsavatewa recommends everyone get their flu shot now. 

Veterans Benefits Offices are also closed under the shutdown. However, VA hospitals and clinics, like the one in Dublin, will still be open. However, they cannot administer all services, like disability services. 

All veterans under the VA health care system will still receive their benefits, as usual.

Many are also worried about not receiving their Medicare and Medicaid benefits. However, the shutdown will not affect the release of those funds. 

Tsavatewa says it may delay the processing of new applications. 

The Food and Drug Administration is also delaying some of its inspections. Tsavatewa says if the government shutdown extends for the long-term, we will start seeing increased food prices on the shelves. 

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