Ga. Obamacare Chaos Could Help Scammers

1:40 PM, Oct 7, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA) -- Georgia republicans have been crystal clear in their plan to obstruct what some call Obamacare. Just listen to the words of state insurance commissioner Ralph Hudgens.

"Let me tell you what we are doing," he said at a GOP event that was recorded and uploaded to YouTube. "Everything in our power to be an obstructionist."

The obstructionism has generated protests and created the chaos that was intended. For example, the Navigators in our state, the people who help you navigate through the choices, had to take what amounted to punitive insurance exams. Even though they're not selling insurance.

"It was more tedious than difficult, and it was long; it took me a week to get through it," said Marcus Jordan, a state-certified Navigator in Georgia. "It's like 26 modules and ten tests. And you have to get like 80 and above to pass."

There are fears that the long certification process plus threats of prosecution may have scared people away from taking the Navigator jobs. That could potentially leave those in need of medical coverage still in need.

"We're going where people are," said Dante McKay from Enroll America. 'We're going to door-to-door; we're speaking; we're going to community events; we're hitting festivals. Just going out and about everyday to find people."

Georgia's chaos is ripe for con artists, who've already been working the phones to fool the elderly and anybody else they can target.

"Some of the things you want to look for are people calling you on the phone unsolicited," said Sana Chriss, an attorney with the Federal Trade Commission.

"People that you have not called, and they're asking for money. They want you to pay upfront, and they want a credit card numbers. The government will never do that. Lawfully trained Navigators will never do that."



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