Medical Center of Peach County: One Month Later

5:46 PM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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The new hospital in Peach County opened its doors nearly a month ago, moving from Fort Valley to Byron. Staff at the Medical Center of Peach County, formerly the Peach Regional Medical Center, say the new facilities and equipment make it easier to treat patients.

One thing that's new at MCPC is an operational helipad. A helicopter crew tested it out early Friday afternoon. A helipad is different from what they had at the old hospital.

"Whenever a helicopter needed to land, it had to actually do so in a field. It's so much nicer now to have an official helipad that's right here on the property that's steps away from our emergency room," said Ellen Terrell, Director of Community Engagement at Medical Center of Peach County.

Staff said the facility is much bigger now and it's something that they need to get used to.

"We have so much space, we kind of get lost finding our way around, but it's working out better for the patients and the care that we can give to them," said Dr. Robert Lee Nelson, Emergency Room Physician at Medical Center of Peach County.

Finding the problems is easier, too. The X-Ray machine is a favorite at MCPC because it takes the images from the machine to the screen within seconds.

"I think for me the X-Ray equipment is a lot, a lot more up to date a lot more efficient and a lot easier to work with," said Dr. Nelson. "Now, we don't actually have X-Ray film. Now everything is done by computer."

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