Atlanta Ambulance Crews Get New Translator Tool

5:13 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA)-- Rural Metro Ambulance believes to be the first group in the country to use devices that help break language barriers with the people they care for.

When using the device, a simple press of a button dials an interpreter, who can directly communicate with the patient, even if they do not speak the same language. The interpreter can detect the dialect and language, and transfer the call to another person who can communicate with them.

Rescuers say this will help take out some of the guess work when responding to an emergency in the field.

"Prior to having a device like this, we had to rely on either a family member or a bystander to interpret it. Of course, there's always a question if it's interpreted exactly correctly or not," Ron Craig of Rural Metro Ambulance said. "This just takes a lot of the burden off the crew, they know they're getting good information from a trained interpreter."

Rescuers will keep training on the devices over the next few days, and will start using them in DeKalb County after we kick off the new year.

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