Macon Water Authority Fixes Sewage Line Leak on Ocmulgee

11:30 PM, Sep 3, 2012   |    comments
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A Macon man said he saw what appeared to be raw sewage Monday as it gushed from a pipe into the Ocmulgee River.

Roland Neal watched it happen near his home on South Pine Knoll Drive and decided it deserved the Macon Water Authority's attention.

After seeing a normally dry creek filled with the murky substance, he says a found the source: a broken pipeline.

"Now normally that water that's gushing behind me would be 20 feet below the ground, but today it's all the way up here .. And there's no sensor on the camera for smell, but I can tell you first hand it's pretty strong," he said to 13WMAZ's Tom George.

With an empty creek full, and the water turning browner, Neel made his first call to the Macon Water Authority at 1:30; sent a text a few minutes later; then, followed that up with an e-mail to the sewage reporting address. At 2 p.m., someone answered the phone, and sent an employee to check out the problem around 3:30 p.m.

Neal said the employee didn't ask him for any information and left ten minutes later left with the spill still going.

13WMAZ reached out to the Macon Water Authority. Just before 5, we reached Plant Operator Ronnie Smith, who said they'd just changed shifts and he hadn't heard anything about the spill. Evans did promise to look into it.

About a half hour later, another crew came out. Neel says they didn't talk to him, and that an employee wouldn't give his name.

However, by 7 p.m., the spill was stopped. In its place, a sign was posted documenting the spill, and stating that about 2,700 gallons were leaked.










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