75-Year-Old Mayor Foils Metal Thieves

11:16 AM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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CLARKSTON, Ga. (WXIA) -- Criminals better beware if they're up to no good in the City of Clarkston. The mayor may be watching.

Two metal thieves are behind bars Thursday night because of Clarkston Mayor Emanuel Ransom.

Ransom was delivering letters to the U. .Post Office on Montreal Road when he noticed something suspicious at the nearby construction site for the city's new public works building.

"I saw this big huge guy putting the stuff in the truck and like I said, they should be taking it out, not putting it in," Mayor Ransom said.

He saw a man loading steel beams from the construction site into the back of a U-Haul truck. A woman was driving the truck. The 75-year-old mayor decided he had to act.

"And I said oh, they're getting ready to book and that's when I pulled out in front of her and she shot around me," the Mayor said.

The female driver took off, leaving the male suspect behind. Mayor Ransom followed the truck into a nearby apartment complex and tried to block the exit so the truck couldn't leave. Eventually he flagged down a patrol car and the woman was arrested.

"That they had the audacity to come to our site and take the materials from us," the Mayor said. "That's what really made me angry and that's why I went after her."

Pamela Wiggins, 41, was arrested. After a short search, Clarkston Police Chief Christine Hudson tracked down the male suspect, 47-year-old Robert Wiggins, the woman's husband.

They were both charged with misdemeanor theft and felony interference with government property.

"We're a small police department and we need everybody's eyes and ears out here on the street, even the mayor's," Chief Hudson said.

Mayor Ransom said he was simply doing what any mayor should do. "He needs to be involved, he needs to show his citizens you need to get involved too," he said.

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