Missing Baby Water Buffalo Back Home on Farm

12:27 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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AUBURN, Ga. (WXIA) -- After a weekend spent roaming around Barrow County, baby water buffalo "Precious 8" is now back home on the range with her new owners.

A day after the Wilderness Farm in Auburn acquired the buffalo calf, she hurdled a four foot gate after being spooked by a storm. Her owners tracked her all over the county, with help from dozens of neighbors and even the Sheriff's office.
"There was probably about 30 to 40 people helping out and the Good Lord because he had to answer the prayers," said farm manager Charlotte Cates.

Finally they were able to capture Precious 8 early Monday morning. But only after the 400 pound calf traveled over 5 miles and crossed a highway several times. Usually she would train the buffalo to send it to a petting zoo.

But after their ordeal and happy reunion, the plans may change, especially now that Precious 8's initial skittishness seems to have passed.

"Now she's real comfortable with humans and so that's a great sign, she's so friendly now," said farm owner Michele Atkins. "We've had a lot of time with her and I've grown to like her."

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