Most Georgians Back Gun-Control Plans, Poll Says

4:45 PM, Jan 17, 2013   |    comments
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A statewide poll says Georgians generally support three key gun-control measures proposed by President Obama.

But some groups -- whites, Republicans and conservatives -- remain skeptical of some of those proposals, the poll says.

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By much wider margins, Georgians across the board oppose three moves in the General Assembly to expand gun-owners' rights, the poll says.

The poll was commissioned by our Atlanta sister station, WXIA-TV.  SurveyUSA surveyed 500 Georgians statewide, just hours after President Obama unveiled his proposals.

They asked about three proposals announced by President Obama on Wednesday and about three bills in the Georgia General Assembly.

About a third of the people polled were in the Atlanta area. Another 35 percent were in northwest Georgia and 32 percent were in south or central Georgia.

The survey says:

56 percent of Georgians support a federal ban on assault weapons. 38 percent were opposed.

The ban would not affect assault weapons that people already own.

While most groups identified in the poll supported the ban, most whites, Republicans and conservatives were opposed.

People who said they owned no guns or one gun favored the ban; people who owned more than one gun were opposed.

The poll has a 4.4 point margin of error for the question about assault weapons.

Georgians supported Obama's call for background checks by a much wider margin: 75 percent said yes, 20 percent said no. All of the groups polled supported that move by margins of 30 points or more -- including whites, Republicans and conservatives.

People also backed a proposal to limit how much ammunition a gun could hold, by 56 percent to 38 percent.

The poll said Republicans, conservatives and multiple gun owners opposed the measure.

By large margins, Georgians opposed three moves to broaden gun-owners' rights in the state.

The poll says:

80 percent oppose eliminating Georgia's requirement of a permit to carry a concealed weapon;

64 percent oppose allowing people to carry guns into churches;

and 65 percent oppose allowing guns on college campuses.

Opposition to the bills was broad. It cut across boundaries race, political preference and gun ownership.

The General Assembly is expected to consider those bills in its 2013 session.

SurveyUSA Georgia poll on gun control by

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