Ga. Governors Hesitant to Remove Accused Sheriffs

11:17 PM, Dec 2, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA (AP) - The Georgia Sheriffs' Association is asking Gov. Nathan Deal to start the process for suspending Clayton County's sheriff-elect, who won election despite being under indictment, but recent history shows Georgia governors don't like to get involved in such cases.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that only once since 2004 has a governor ordered the legal process to suspend a sheriff facing criminal or ethics charges. The sheriffs' association has requested such suspensions six times.

Now the group wants Deal to act to keep Victor Hill from taking office as sheriff in Clayton County. He's been indicted on 32 felony counts.

Deal's office turned down a request to start proceedings against another sheriff earlier this year, saying there should be a high threshold for removing a locally elected official from office.


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