Hawkinsville-Pulaski Consolidation Vote Fails

11:52 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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The referendum to consolidate Pulaski County's government with the City of Hawkinsville has been defeated.

The referendum needed majorities in both the city and county to pass. Although the city narrowly voted yes, 279-260 votes (52-48%), the county overwhelmingly voted no, 870-517 (63-37%), meaning the measure failed overall.

The election created some confusion over city voters also being able to vote in the county.

At least one voter told us he received both a city ballot, and county ballot with a consolidation question on each one.

The voter told us he was able to cast two votes.

People who lived outside the city limits could cast only one.

Probate Court Jeff Jones confirms that that is true. He said they've used that system before on countywide questions.

People voted on two different consolidation questions -- one countywide, one only in the city.

A similar consolidation measure failed in 1999 under the same circumstances, with the city voting yes and the county voting no.

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