Reichert Holds 5-1 Money Edge Over Ellis

8:43 PM, Oct 14, 2013   |    comments
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If money alone decided the campaign to become Macon-Bibb's first mayor, the race wouldn't even be close.

Spending reports filed this weekend show that Robert Reichert has raised and spent over five times more than C. Jack Ellis.

Both men are two-term mayors of Macon.

On Tuesday, voters will pick one of them to lead the new consolidated government.

Through Friday night, the records show Robert Reichert raised nearly $426,000, Elllis, about $84,000.

There's another huge gap in campaign spending.

The campaign has cost Reichert $393,000.

Ellis so far has spent almost $77,000.

Through Friday, Reichert had paid $82,000 to a Virginia company that buys and schedules TV ads at stations including 13WMAZ.

Reichert's on track to raise and spend more than twice as much as in 2011. He and Ellis also faced off in a regular mayoral election that year, and then a runoff.

Ellis, though, is on track to spend even less than two years ago.

Robert Reichert also had more than four times as much money in the bank last Friday than Ellis, more than $32,000.

Last week, Reichert said the amount of money he's spending to become Macon Bibb's first mayor is justified due to the importance of the election.

But Ellis called spending that much on a local race "ludicrous."

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