Warner Robins Councilman Mike Daley Qualifies for Reelection Bid

9:46 PM, Aug 29, 2013   |    comments
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Current Warner Robins councilman Mike Daley wants to keep his job serving the city from Post 1.

He paid his $252 qualifying fee Wednesday at City Hall. 

He'll be challenged by current Mayor Chuck Shaheen, who decided to go after a seat on council instead of running for reelection.  Also in the race is Charlie Scott, a former city firefighter. 

Daley explained Wednesday why, even with a mayor in the race, he thinks his experience stands out.

"I came into this job with quite a bit of experience.  A lot of leadership experience, a lot of management experience. I've managed at a high level. Multiple companies with, you know, multi-million dollars worth of budgets in capital assets and those kinds of things. But the other thing that I've learned is, since I've been here for the last four years, I have learned a lot more about city government, finance, and operations."

Daley, Scott, and Shaheen face each other in the vote on November 4. 

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