Ga Attorney General to Investigate Gray Election Complaints

5:12 PM, Aug 15, 2012   |    comments
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Allegations of election law violations leveled at candidates and officials in the city of Gray are bound for the state attorney general's office. 

The news release from the Secretary of State's office outlined 11 allegations involving absentee ballot voter fraud, including forged signatures, candidates illegally helping voters with their absentee ballots and receiving an absentee ballot from a nursing home resident with dementia.

In 2009, Loretta Lipsey was a candidate in the runoff for Mayor Pro Tempore.

Benny Gray was elected to Gray City Council. During the investigation, both Lipsey and Gray, as well as Gray resident Evelyn Collins, were found to have taken possession of absentee ballots from voters, the Secretary of State's office says.

According to the news release, the state Board of Elections found enough evidence in its investigation to send the allegations on to the state attorney general. 

Jared Thomas, spokesman for the Secretary of State's office, said the city of Gray and its former election superintendent, Jamie Lewandowski, were granted a continuance on the allegations against them.

Those allegations will be considered at a future meeting of the state Board of Elections.

The allegations were filed by Amy Smith, Rallie Cogburn, and Rebecca Cogburn, all of Gray.

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