Bibb Discusses How to Improve Graduation Rate

10:44 PM, Oct 17, 2013   |    comments
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Bibb County Schools have one of the lowest graduation rates in the state. That's according to the Georgia Department of Education.

At the Bibb County School Board Committee Meeting Thursday, educators discussed how to boost it.

Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Erin Weaver, helped create strategies like grade repair. Grade repair would allow a student who has a failing grade in a class he or she is currently enrolled in, to redo assignments and improve that grade.

Weaver said the goal is to help students before they get too far behind.

"In the Bibb County Schools right now, we have teachers as advisors, so that teachers get to know a small group of students and know them well throughout their four years of high school," she said. "Guidance counselors have two or three, four, five hundred students that they're responsible for. But a good advisement program, you've got twenty-five students that you get to know, not only as students but as people. It's time to help everybody be successful."

Also at that meeting, Sylvia Hooker was announced as the full-time Deputy Superintendent of Student Improvement. Erin Weaver will share the title of Deputy Superintendent of Teaching and Learning with Bruce Giroux, each working part-time.

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