Chinese Delegates Visit Central High School

5:54 PM, Sep 12, 2013   |    comments
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Chinese delegates came to visit one Bibb County school Thursday as a possible new home for some of their students.

Music greeted Shanghai delegates as they visited Central High School.

Luning Wang, vice chairman of the China Welfare Institute, is considering sending Chinese students to school here. So that they can be international.

"And they are well-prepared to tolerate and to enhance the diversity of the world culture," said Wang.

Deputy Superintendent of Student Affairs Edward Judie says Bibb County schools won't foot the bill. The Chinese will.

"They're expected to pay the full tuition, approximately that's somewhere around $8,000," said Judie.

Students would likely attend school from freshman until their senior year and live with a host family.

"We only had people for one or two weeks, but for four years, that's a really big commitment.  I think that would strengthen the cultural exchange, and from what I've seen, everybody gets excited when we have people from different countries coming," said student Kelton Ellis. 

Wang said Central is one of the best schools she's ever seen in the U.S., and that it's an example of equality in education.

"As long as we have equal educational opportunities, as long as we have well-dedicated faculty, I think we are sure about the success of the education and we're sure about the success of the next generation of our own nations," said Wang.

Not only are Shanghai students coming to Central a real possibility, but also Bibb County students going to China.
Judie said Wesleyan delegates will go to Shanghai later this year.

"They would like someone from the Bibb County school district to go over there and look at the different high schools and possibly send some of our bright young kids that we have in our district," said Judie.

Perhaps kids who are studying Mandarin now will have an opportunity to use what they've learned in the future.

The Chinese visitors haven't made any final decision on Central High School and there's no word on when they'll decide. They said they're particularly interested in the school's international baccalaureate program.

Delegates also visited Stratford Wednesday on Friday plan to visit First Presbyterian Day School.

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