Wilkinson Co. Parent Assured No Mold In Schools

8:31 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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After our report earlier this week about mold growing in Wilkinson County schools, some concerned parents took action to make sure their children were safe.

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When Nicole Bryant, a concerned parent, heard that there might be mold at a Wilkinson County school, she immediately took action.

Bryant contacted the health department and Superintendent Aaron Geter to inspect the classrooms herself.

"Based upon the pictures I've seen, it looks like mold. That's why I'm here. If it's not mold, that's awesome, that's great. If it is mold, we need to get it fixed and we need to know how they're going to get it fixed," she says.

She has two children in the school system: one in elementary,  and the other in the middle school. Her hope was to make sure the schools are a safe place for her kids to learn.

After entering the building with Geter and a health department inspector, she walked through the hallways for nearly an hour. She left the building with confidence.

"There was white paint on this wall and from what was told to me was that there was once mold and once some mold damage there, but they treated it. All of that was taken care of."

Geter says he hopes this will clear up any concerns parents might have.

He says there will be more transparency about this from now on and that parents will be contacted Friday about the next steps on cleaning the schools. 

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