New Security System Coming to Some Bibb Schools

5:42 PM, Jul 26, 2013   |    comments
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When Bibb County elementary students go back to school, a new security system will be ther eto greet some of them at the front door.

The nearly $600,000 security upgrade equips three doors at each elementary school with a buzz-in system and security camera.

Parents, teachers, students, and other visitors will have to use a call box located outside the front, kitchen, and either playground or bus entrances. The call box will notify the front office, and the visitor will have to show a form of identification to the security camera. Then, the office secretary will be able to unlock the front door.

"We do want our parents to know that we want them to visit their children at school, it's just we're making the schools more secure," says Director of Risk Management David Gowan.

The maintenance department is still installing the system at many of the schools, but they are scheduled to finish by the end of the school year. That is phase one of the project.

In phase two, the same system will be installed at every elementary school door. They will also be equipped with a card reader. Bibb employees will be able to open the door by scanning their district badges.

The district will expand the system to the middle schools in phase three and to the high schools in phase four. The entire project is scheduled to be finished in June 2018.

Gowan says they do not know the exact cost to equip every school, but the district estimates it will be around $6 million.

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