Georgia School Bus Drivers Show Skills

7:28 PM, Jun 6, 2013   |    comments
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The best school bus drivers in Georgia put their driving skills to the test in a state competition. The annual School Bus Road-eo took place in Kathleen, Thursday.

Judges watched 63 bus drivers maneuver through 12 tests. President of the Pupil Transportation Safety Competition, Wiley Crews, says it takes 20 minutes for each driver to complete the competition.

"It's very tough. There's a possible 750 points you can get on the driving range. They have a backup alley, a parallel park. They have a forward serpentine, a backward serpentine. They have to cross a railroad. They have to do a student pickup," Crews explained.

Driver trainer, Rosalyn Gibby, added, "What we're looking for in a good driver is consistency and being able to put safety first. Prior to this they do a whole lot of training to get to this point."

Organizers say this year's competition is significant because they used propane-powered buses that were manufactured here in Georgia.

"Bluebird has provided the buses, emissions are less. It's a lot safer around our kids and makes everything a lot cleaner for our environment," said Crews.

Clay Moncrief has worked for Houston County schools for three years. He's entered the competition each year, and finally drove his way to being a state finalist.

"I like the challenge it brings. It makes you brush up on your driving skills, and (I'll do) whatever I can do to drive that bus safely to get those kids to and from school," said Moncrief.

The 1st and 2nd place winners will compete in the national competition in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The 1st place champion also won $500.

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