Bibb School Board Delays '45/15' Calendar

7:21 AM, May 17, 2013   |    comments
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by Katelyn Heck,


- The Bibb school board put off a move to a "year-round" -- 45 days on, 15 days off -- schedule in Thursday's meeting.

- About two-thirds of the district's 900 employees opposed the 45/15 calendar, according to an internal survey.

- The board will reconsider the move in February 2014.

The Bibb County school board pushed back a move to a 45/15 calendar at Thursday night's meeting.

In that set-up, students would go to school for 45 days, then have three weeks off.

Deputy Superintendent Jane Drennan says the district administration advised them against it for a few reasons.

The first is a $56,000 hike in utility bills, mainly due to running the air conditioning during the hot summer months.

Also, the district surveyed around 900 employees, and roughly two-thirds of them were against the 45/15 calendar.

"I think originally people thought year-round calendar. Well, it really isn't year-round. Students still attend school the same number of days. Staff still works the same number of days that they would have before. It's just configured in a different way. You go 45 days in school and then 15 off," says Drennan.

The board will take up the 45/15 calendar again for the 2015-2016 school year. Those discussions will start around February.

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