Northside School Farm Wins Award

6:10 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Students at Northside High School in Warner Robins have their very own farm, and it's award-winning.

It was recently recognized as an outstanding middle/secondary school program by the Georgia Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association.

Students say it's well-deserved, and the farm reinforces what they learn in the books.

"We can look at an animal and say she's slobbering out of her mouth, she's blinking slowly and getting sick and stuff. We can really tell that something is wrong with her and we can go ahead and narrow it down and fix it," said Indyja Mitchell.

"I've used all kinds of things in math building the barn," said Hunter Bartholomew.

The program also aims to teach responsibility. Bartholomew, 17, owns Charlie, a steer. He has to keep up with Charlie's record book.

"How much money you've spent on your cow, pounds of feed you've purchased, what you've done from day to day," he said.

 Animals are owned by the students. The students said each one has its own personality.

"She was very prissy. When we try to drag her into shows, she would just stand there and, like, pose and keep on walking along and pose," said Mitchell.

The farm has more than animals and produce. There's a green house, too. That's Keyonta Jordan's favorite part.

"Planting the seeds and watching them grow, it makes it so wonderful," said Jordan.

Students said that just because summer vacation is about to start, it doesn't mean work at the farm is over.

"Oh no, definitely not. I have to wash my cow. I have to feed him," said Bartholomew.

"The work's never done," said Jordan.

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