Improvements Recommended for Bibb Schools

8:20 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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An outside firm, AdvancED, says the Bibb County school system should keep its accreditation status, but they recommend that another team monitor the district to make sure it stays on track.

That will have to be approved and specifics will  be decided by the Georgia AdvancED board.

"The work that goes on is more of just a monitoring, a checking, and also an assistance, a chance to come in here and if they've got some things to work through, to do that," says lead evaluator Stephen Oborn.

The accreditation group told school board members Wednesday that communication needs to be improved within the district and with the community.

"We'll get together as a board and discuss those items we need to work on," says board member Jason Downey. "But it's just about being visible in the community, going to the PTO, PTA, and PTC meetings, school council meetings, being involved, being visible in the community, going to local community organizations and talking about student successes."

AdvancED also gave the district pointers on improving leadership, what was Bibb's lowest scoring category.

"Governance and leadership is highly critical, and that by the way, is not just at the board level. It's also at the building level and sub-chapters below that," explains Oborn.

AdvancED offered suggestions like making sure responsibility and power are spread equally for all leaders in the district.

The accreditation did applaud the overall vision of the 'Macon Miracle' strategic plan, the Welcome Center, and literacy coaches who help improve students' reading skills.

Bibb's scores were described as average during Wednesday's meeting. Here are the scores for each category:

Purpose and Direction: 2.5 out of 4
Teaching and Assessing for Learning: 2.33
Resources and Support Systems: 2.25
Using Results for Continuous Improvement: 2.0
Governance and Leadership: 1.67

This is the first year with a new scoring system, so Bibb's and other districts' scored will be used as benchmarks for future evaluations.

The Georgia AdvancED board still has to make Wednesday's accreditation recommendation official with a vote during their next meeting in June.

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