Mary Persons Plant Sale Happens Tuesday

6:39 PM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Next week, you can get a jump on your garden by making your way to Mary Persons High School.

The Future Farmers of America have put on a spring sale for the last ten years.

Stormy Stuart says she either wants to go into physical therapy or farming down the road. But for now she loves her FFA class.

"You can take home and show your parents and be like, 'This is what I get to do in school,'" Stormy said with a smile.

She definitely gets something different in this micro classroom full of plants.

It's light on the book work and heavy on the seed-starting.

Plus, the kids compete with each other to have the biggest baskets.

Each students has a table, and when the yearly plant sale hits on the calendar, it's game on.

"We compete at the end like, 'Who's gonna buy stuff off my table? They bought more off my table than your table because mine looked better,'" Stormy explained.

They all look good.

Agriculture teacher Bill Waldrep figures every student is a potential seed. He's sprouting future leaders with a business sense.

"We approach it as a mini business where they learn the economics of growing these plants in the greenhouse, and when we lost a plant, that affects our money, Waldrep said.

But sometimes emotions can affect the bottom line.

"The purple flowers, I raised them from little seeds and I don't want anyone to buy them. Like, I want to take them home and keep them for myself," Stormy said shyly.

Stormy's protective, but when it's all said and done, she's really just proud.

"The peppers and tomatoes, I buy these every year. Like, me and my Dad have a garden at home," she said.

The folks at Mary Persons say if they don't sell out the greenhouse, they will have a follow-up sale May 10th right before Mother's Day.
By the way, Bill Waldrep is the reigning FFA Teacher of the Year for the nation.

The plant sale is next Tuesday morning and it begins at 7 am at Mary Persons High School. Just pull around the very back of the campus to find the greenhouse.

Waldrep says it varies year-by-year, but many times, the ferns sell out by 9 am.

He also warned that they only have what's laid out on the tables, so they can't restock when things sell out.


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