Mrs. Cheryl Amerson Wins My Teacher is Tops

4:31 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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One Bibb County second grade teacher combines her love of art and the importance of recycling in her lessons. Junior Journalist Ivia Rollins takes us to King-Danforth Elementary to surprise Mrs. Cheryl Amerson.

Eight-year-old Faith Jacobs sent us her letter nominating her top teacher and says, "She's the best teacher I've ever met."

Her students say she shows her love for them everyday.
"She says hey how are you doing, it makes me feel good about myself," explains Paige Herring.

Melvin Ward says, "She gives me hugs all the time and tells me I'm going to be okay and i'll be safe with her."

"We're like family in here she's like one of mine, they're all like one of mine," says Mrs. Amerson.  

Amerson has been teaching at King-Danforth Elementary School for nine of her thirty years as an educator. 

Not only does she pass on her love of art, she also started the Green Earth Club at the school and is planning on building a garden for the students.

In addition to that, she teaches her students to recycle.
"We've been saving tabs off the cans.  We've got almost six pickle jars full, and we're going to send those to the Ronald McDonald house to buy them a new bed for their hospital," says Amerson. 

She says it's "My life it's what I've trained for and my passion, and I can't imagine doing anything else more rewarding than this."

To nominate your top teacher send in a one page, handwritten letter to:

My Teacher is Tops

1314 Gray Highway

Macon, GA 31211

Be sure to include your name, your teacher's name and the name of your school. Don't forget, neatness counts.

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