My Teacher is Tops: Vineville Academy's Jill Hunnicutt

2:03 PM, Apr 3, 2013   |    comments
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Vineville Academy's Jill Hunnicutt was shocked to be a top teacher Wednesday.

Her second grade student, Samantha Fussell, nominated her for the award. This isn't Ms Hunnicutt's first time winning. But the surprise of her second victory makes it just as sweet.

"The shock is definitely still the same probably more so because they are second graders, and I never would have expected it from seven and eight-year-olds to write a letter."

Fussell nominated her teacher because of the skills she brings to the table, in all subjects.

"I think she deserves it because she's always trying her best," said Fussell. "She's always creative and all that. And I think she's the best teacher of all."

"She's so nice in math and in reading," added Fussell's classmate, Nathaniel Arline.

Ms Hunnicutt's classroom environment is fun, but she explains that it serves a greater purpose for her students.

"Most kids are hands-on-learners. The more they're able to do things, the better they're able to grasp their knowledge, and the more they're going to exceed. And I want them to do so well in third grade. So if I can make the class crazy and fun and they can go out and are ready to take the CRCT in third, fourth, and fifth grade, then I feel like I've done my job."

Second graders in Ms Hunnicutt's class are having fun now, to prepare for success in the future.

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