Fort Hawkins Prepares for Flag Day

6:48 PM, Jun 13, 2012   |    comments
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History is in the dirt at fort Hawkins in Macon.

"I'm allowed to do a surface collection. They're items that appear here on the ground after erosion exposed them," says Project Coordinatory Marty Willett. "Today that collection totals over four thousand artifacts and they're all on display in he blockhouse," 

The southeast blockhouse serves as a replica of the original building that dates back to 1806. 

"Fort Hawkins was an early American frontier fort and factory and trading post," he says.

When you visit Fort Hawkins you can sift through the dirt to find artificial and make sure to check out the double hearth.

The dig site is open on the weekends and special days like Flag Day.

Willett encourages people to bring in old flags so that they will be properly retired according to the U.S handbook.

Flag Day tells the story of how to retire a flag and to honor flags that flew here in Macon like the 15 star spangled banner.

Archaeologists say that Fort Hawkins was the most significant place in the South during the war of 1812. During the celebration, you can see the 15 star spangled banner rise again.

The fort will be open Thursday from 10 a.m to 4 p.m with free admission. It is located off Emory Highway.

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