My Teacher is Tops: Jacqueline Kendrick

7:49 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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Math can be a tough subject, but one middle school teacher pushes her students to succeed by giving extra help and support.

Junior Journalist Maggie Brewer takes us down to Macon County for this week's My Teacher is Tops report.

For 22 years, Jacqueline Kendrick has stood at the front of the class.

"I like interacting with the students. I say sometimes that keeps me young," said Kendrick.

Camilla Harmon said she nominated her math teacher because of her dedication to students.

"I love her. She's just like a second mom to me," said Harmon. "People they call her mean and stuff. She's not mean. She's actually nice."

Other students say Miss Kendrick is always willing to go the extra mile.

Auzavius Redding said, "If we don't understand it through the while period she stays after school to help us learn."

Students say she makes math problems not a problem at all.

"If we need help with something, she explains it step by step," said Gabrielle Dingle.

When all the calculating is done, Miss Kendrick also lends a hand, even pitching in to help her win my teacher is tops.

"She asked me, 'Miss Kendrick, may I have a stamp? I need to mail something' and I just went to my purse and I said OK here's a stamp. Do you need it for real? And she said yes I need it," said Kendrick. "She never told me why she needed to mail that letter."

If you want to nominate a top teacher send a one page handwritten letter to My Teacher is Tops, 1314 Gray Highway, Macon, Georgia 31211.

Be sure to include your name, your teacher's name and your school, and remember neatness counts.

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