My Teacher is Tops

5:55 PM, Feb 1, 2012   |    comments
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A Houston County High School teacher reacted in a way our Junior Journalist team never expected, when we showed up in his graphic arts class Wednesday.

Junior Journalist Hannah Williamson brought Al Godfrey a My Teacher is Tops award, and he ran away from the camera.

Mr. Godrey even left his classroom, because he was so surprised by the nomination.

He did come back, after he got over the shock. Then, he wanted to have some fun, giving Hannah a tour of his very big classroom.

Godfrey teaches graphic arts, which includes photography, design and advertising. He said, "We teach imaging and how to deliver a good message."

His student, senior Zach Wheeler, says he learns a lot in the class and leaves feeling inspired.

That's why he wrote a letter recommending Godfrey for the top teacher award. Wheeler said, "He pushes us everyday to be the best we can be in all the activities he gives us. It's really awesome."

Other students in the class agreed.

Graphic arts student Willy Nguyen said, "He actually cares about us and our future, and what we do after high school, and what we decide to do in our career."

Photography student Summer Barnwell said, "He shares with us his personal experiences."

Godfrey also shared a gift with Hannah. She did not know what it was at first, but Godrey explained.

He said, "That's a flash bulb. It's made of magnesium and plastic. It's how they used to light up a photo, when they took a picture. Now everything is electronic."

Godfrey's students used the electric flash to take a picture of Hannah, Godfrey and his award. Hannah called it a "picture perfect" moment.

Each week we remind you to send in your letters to My Teacher is Tops.

Some students forget to include important information like their teacher's name or the school they attend.

So, when you write your letter, be sure to include all of that necessary information, so we can come and surprise your teacher.

Then, mail that letter to My Teacher is Tops, 1314 Gray Highway Macon, Georgia 31211.

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