Centerville Elementary Teacher Is Tops

4:01 PM, Jan 4, 2012   |    comments
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Some schools are back in session after the holidays and that means it's time to find our first top teacher of 2012.  Junior Journalist James Scott took us to Centerville Elementary School to meet a teacher who values respect in her classroom.

A surprised Mrs. Marian Richardson thought her fellow teachers were playing a joke on her, but second grader Treyus Rawls wasn't joking when he wrote 13WMAZ a letter nominating his top teacher.

"Mrs. Richardson is top to me because she is so caring." says Rawls.

Richardson says deciding to be a teacher was easy. "It's something I knew I always wanted to be and do."

John Laidler says he's glad Mrs. Richardson is his teacher because she is more exciting than others. "We would be sitting there listening to blah blah blah, but Mrs. Richardson tries to say it a little louder and you know make it more fun." says Laidler.

"She's very nice and when she asks us a question she gives us a moment and lets us take our time." says Nallely Arnaud.

Richardson says the motto at Centerville Elementary School is put children first. "I try to let them know that I care about them as people." explains Richardson.

Putting a bench in her classroom is one of the ways she shows that she cares.  Laidler says, "Every week Mrs. Richardson picks somebody to pick a friend to sit on the bench."

"It's just a part of making it look comfortable and homey." says Richardson. She says when her kids move on she hopes they remember they can do whatever they want to do. "I want them to have that dream of being successful and strive."

This week we recognized a teacher at Centerville Elementary, but next week we could be at your school. To nominate your top teacher send us a one page, handwritten letter to:

My Teacher is Tops

1314 Gray Highway

Macon, GA 31211

Remember to include your name, your teacher's name and your school. Don't forget, neatness counts.  

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