My Teacher is Tops

7:08 PM, Dec 7, 2011   |    comments
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  • Phaedra Early is this week's winner.
  • Early's students say she is a huge Saints fan.

Within minutes of meeting second grade teacher Phaedra Early, there are two things you'll probably come to know.

First, her students love her. Second, she's a Saints fan.

Second grader Emily Trent says both of those things inspired her to nominate her teacher for the My Teacher Is Tops award.

"She's funny and she really likes the Saints," says Emily, reading from her nomination letter. "She always says 'who dat?'"

"Who dat?" Early shouts out in response, standing just feet away from the Saints-themed Christmas tree displayed in her classroom.

Emily and many other of her second grade classmates at Perdue Primary in Warner Robins have spent the past two years learning with Early.

"The most special thing is she taught us first grade last year, and now she teaches us for second grade," chirps Trent excitedly.

Early says after two years, the class feels like a family.

And the most important part of being a family, says Early, is loving each other no matter what. 

"They know if they make a mistake, something goes wrong, they apologize and wipe it under the slate. We move on," says Early.

It's also John Medlock's second year with his favorite teacher.

"This is the greatest thing in my life," says Medlock. "She's always nice and kind, she helps us with everything."

Early says she enjoys looking back on her student's early school work and seeing their progress.

And her class says their Saints fan is the secret to their success.

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