Jones County Teacher Wins My Teacher is Tops

7:28 PM, Nov 30, 2011   |    comments
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One sixth-grade class says their teacher does it all, and that's why they say she's tops.

Michelle Brewer has been teaching Math and Social Studies for seventeen years and says she does it for her students.
"They're our future and we really have to put time into them." says Brewer.

Sixth-grader Sydnie Kemp wrote us a letter nominating her favorite teacher. She says what sets Mrs. Brewer apart is her hands-on teaching methods.

"I have some people that continuously don't put their name on their papers, so I had like 'boot camp Brewer' up here. And we did ten jumping jacks. And they had to recite their name in between each jumping jack, so that they would remember to put their names on their paper," explains Brewer.

She says she tries to get her students to laugh because when they're laughing, they're learning.

Tucker Rensberger, one of Mrs. Brewer's sixth graders says, "Whenever something funny goes on, she'll tag along with it. Most teachers would say 'Stop goofing off in class'."

Brewer is also a certified first-responder for Jones County Rescue.  She says she enjoys taking care of people.

"There are times when we need a nurse, and we don't have one. So they'll come to my room, and say "Can you check this out?'" says Brewer.

Logan Blount, another member of Mrs. Brewer's class, says math wasn't always her top subject, but her teacher changed her mind.

"Most of my math teachers are really confusing about Math, but Mrs. Brewer made me understand it really really good," says Blount.

 "I don't do what I do for recognition, and I feel very honored that someone would take the time to write a letter and go out of their way to give me back what I try to put into them everyday," says Brewer.



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