My Teacher is Tops: Miller Elementary School

6:55 PM, Oct 19, 2011   |    comments
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One second grade teacher in Warner Robins teaches her students life lessons.  This week's My Teacher is Tops report takes us to Miller Elementary School.

Barbara Reott was speechless when Junior Journalist, Jordan Thomas surprised her Wednesday morning.  Reott has been teaching for seventeen years and says it's her calling.  "I love teaching any grade I've taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade and children are children they all want to learn." says Reott.

She says she teaches her students responsibility by assigning class jobs.  Second Grader, Taylor Metheny says he likes his job.  "There's a clip board out there where if you go somewhere you move the thingy." says Metheny.

Another job is feeding the classroom pets. 

Mrs. Reott's class has a fish, a toad, and hermit crabs.

Brianna Church says, "She always makes work fun."

Reott says her students earn pretend money as a reward for good behavior.

"We have to be good and listen and follow directions." says Church.

"It teaches them responsibility we're working for a paycheck and they're working for a paycheck. They earn money for their grades on their tests, for their behaviors, and doing things the right way." says Reott.

At the end of the week, students go to the classroom store.

Second grader, Alex Sieeczka says he likes everything about his teacher. "She's nice and kind and she has very good manners."says Sieeczka.

Reott says, "You want them to be able to go out in society and have those manners that you would teach your own children."

Her students created a "No Name Calling" rule for their classroom.

"Names hurt harder than a hit the hits gone but the names stay with you inside so they came up with those 3 consequences." says Reott.

She says she likes hands-on activities because it helps her students learn . Denim Lovett says her teacher also helps her in writing. "When I don't have anything to think about she comes to my desk and helps me figure it out." says Lovett.

Reott says, "It's not about a test you want them to love learning."

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