My Teacher is Tops

4:44 PM, Oct 12, 2011   |    comments
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One Central Georgia teacher goes the extra mile for her kindergarten students.

This week's My Teacher's Tops report brings you to Pulaski County Elementary School.

Brandi Lowe was speechless when Junior Journalist, Kayla Singletary surprised her with 13WMAZ's top teacher award.

Lowe has been teaching for six years and says at first she didn't think she would like it. "Now I'm completely in love with the profession. I love teaching these kids I feel like and I tell them all the time when you're at school I'm your mama. when you're away from your mama I'll be the one that will take care of you," says Lowe. 

Classes have only been in session for two months, and Lowe has two big accomplishments.  She was named Teacher of the Year for her school and My Teacher is Tops.  Her students agree she deserves the honor.

"Because she teaches good." says Claire Bentley.

Another student, Travis Taylor Jr., says his teacher is " a good one."

Lowe says it's a skill that takes time.

"It's definitely a practice and you have to be dedicated to be good at it," says Lowe.

She says not everyone learns at the same pace, so she sets up different stations in her classroom to help her students learn how to read.

"She helps us do sight words." says Kevon Colson.

Bentley says, "You get on the computer and listen."

"We read reading words." says Taylor.

"It's so fun to see it when they finally sound it out and then blend it together to read it and the looks on their faces is just priceless when you see them read it for the first time." says Lowe.

Lowe even gets on her students' level to teach them how to write their names.

"We sit on the carpet and we spell our names." says Taylor.

Lowe says so far she's having a great school year.

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