Musella Man Charged With Murdering Trey Byers

11:05 PM, Jan 13, 2011   |    comments
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  • Cody Daniel Jackson is charged with murdering Trey Byers.
  • James Dudley Byers "Trey"

A 21-year-old Musella man has been charged with murdering the Taylor County man who disappeared last month, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Cody Daniel Jackson was charged with murdering James Dudley "Trey" Byers, who was reported missing on Dec. 21.

G.B.I Special Agent Gary Rothwell says they believe they know why and how Jackson murdered Byers, but they aren't giving the details.

"We basically constructed a timeline and confirmed information that we had received that resulted in us developing evidence that we believe supports a murder charge," says Rothwell.

Jackson was already being held in the Crawford County jail for an unrelated probation violation, according to Sheriff Lewis Walker.

According to a GBI news release, Jackson and Byers left a home in Fort Valley together in Jackson's pickup in the early morning hours of Dec. 19.

Rothwell says the men were "acquaintances."

The vehicle was found burned off Fair Play Hill Road near the Crawford County Landfill a few hours later.

Byers' body has not been found, says Rothwell, but he still calls their case against Jackson "pretty strong."

He says now that the alleged murderer is in custody, he hopes more information will come out about that evening.

"There was a lot of activity on facebook. So many details, alleged details, have been discussed," says Rothwell. "We believe some of that may have led people to feel like it wouldn't have been safe to come forward."

He says they have searched for Byers body, and that they have more locations that they plan to "search in an organized manner."

But he says charging a man with murder without locating the body is not unprecedented in Georgia.

"The body is not necessarily an element of proving a murder," says Rothwell.

The G.B.I is asking anyone with information in the case to contact the Perry GBI Office during business hours at 478-987-4545 or after hours at 1-800- 597-TIPS


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