Boehner: No Progress on Fiscal Cliff

12:50 PM, Dec 7, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (AP) - House Speaker John Boehner says there's been no progress in negotiations on how to avoid the fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts and called on President Obama to come up with a new offer.

Boehner told reporters outside his Capitol Hill office Friday that the president needs to get serious with the combination of tax hikes and cuts set to kick in after the first of the year. The Republican leader accused the president of, quote, "slow-walking" the economy toward the edge of the fiscal cliff.

Boehner called White House aides' comments that Obama was willing to go over the cliff "reckless talk."

Obama and Boehner spoke privately on Wednesday. The speaker called the phone call pleasant but unproductive.

Boehner urged President Obama to "take a step toward us" in the negotiations.

The President has said a deal must include an increase in income-tax rates for the wealthy. House Republicans say a deal must rely heavily on spending cuts and they oppose any increase in tax rates, though Boehner has spoken in favor of revenue increases by closing loopholes and reducing some deductions.

The mandatory budget cuts would fall heavily on defense spending.

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