Day Trip Destination: Noah's Ark Animal Rehab Center

4:37 PM, Jul 13, 2011   |    comments
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Did you know there's a place near Central Georgia where you can see about 1,200 animals?

It's called Noah's Ark, an animal rescue sanctuary in Locust Grove.

From the squawk of a peacock, to the oink of a pig, sounds of the different species fill the air.

"This is Noah's Ark, where everything just kind of lives together," said Diane Smith, Assistant to the Director.

Here llamas roam next to emu's and a lion, tiger and bear live together as a family.

"You have an American black bear, you have an African lion and you have a tiger who's from Asia," said Smith. "These animals would never meet in the wild, but they came together as babies and they've lived together as a family."

Noah's Ark provides a safe place for animals of all shapes and sizes to live.

Smith said, "We're a rescue facility so we provide home for animals that need a home."

The habitat was closed Wednesday because of the hot temperatures, but some people still came out to get a look at a few of the species.

Kaitlyn Capehart said she wanted to see several animals like, "A potbelly pig, an ostrich, and I don't think I've ever seen monkeys."

"We have children that come here everyday that have never been to a place like this, Noah's Ark, that get to see and experience things they would never get to see or experience outside of a facility like this," said Smith.

She says as many as 1,500 people a day can stop in, giving them a chance to explain the center's goal, which is "Bringing children and animals together for the rehabilitation of both," she said.

It's all about the animals here at Noah's Ark, but there's also a playground and picnic area for a lot of family fun.

Noah's Ark is in Henry County on LG Griffin Road, and it's open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

It's free to check out all the animals.

Smith says it costs thousands of dollars to feed them each month, so they ask for visitors to make donations to help take care of the animals.

For more information on Noah's Ark check out their website Noah'

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