Air Force Sets 2014 Promotion Board Schedule

10:21 AM, Oct 31, 2013   |    comments
Air Force Memorial in Washington D.C. Flickr source: clif1066
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Air Force Times

The Air Force has announced the promotion board schedule for 2014, with senior master sergeants up first for their evaluation board Jan. 21-Feb. 7.

As in past years, three special selection boards are scheduled. Those will convene in January, June and September.

A majors' Line of the Air Force board is scheduled for December 2014, after an overage of line captains commissioned in 2005 forced the cancellation of this year's board. Air Force officials said in September that the 2013 majors' board would be postponed until at least mid-2014.

The schedule:

Jan. 13-17: Special Selection Boards

Jan. 21-Feb. 7: Senior Master Sgt. Evaluation Board

Mar 3-21: Colonel Line of the Air Force-J (P0614A); Lt. Col. Line of the Air Force (P0514A); Lt. Col. Line of the Air Force-J (P0514A); Major Line of the Air Force-J (P0414A)

June 3: Air National Guard General Officer Federal Recognition Board

June 9-13: Special Selection Boards

June 16-27: Senior Noncommissioned Officer Supplemental Board

July 8-9: Reserve Air Force General Officer Vacancy Promotion Board

July 21-25: Lt. Col. Biomedical Sciences Corps (P0514B); Lt. Col. Chaplains (P0514B); Lt. Col. Medical Service Corps (P0514B); Major Biomedical Science Corps (P0414B); Major Chaplain (P0414B); Major Medical Service Corps (P0414B); Major Nurse Corps (P0414B)

Aug. 4-15: Blocked

Aug. 18-29: Command Screening Board

Sept. 8-12: Special Selection Boards

Sept. 15-19: Colonel Dental Corps (M0614A); Colonel Medical Corps (M0614A); Colonel Medical Service Corps (P0614B); Colonel Biomedical Science Corps (P0614B); Lt. Col. Dental Corps (M0514A); Lt. Col. Medical Corps (M0514A); Major Dental Corps (M0414A); Major Medical Corps (M0414A)

Oct. 7-8: Blocked

Oct. 13-24: Chief Master Sgt. Evaluation Board

Nov. 10-21: Colonel Chaplain (P0614C); Colonel Line of the Air Force (P0614C)

Dec 1-12: Major Line of the Air Force (P0414C)

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