Enlisted Clothing Allowances Up Slightly in 2014

8:22 AM, Oct 28, 2013   |    comments
Under a plan being developed for 2014, new recruits will spend the last week of their basic military training in a classroom learning about sexual assault prevention, suicide prevention, PTSD and other Air Force cultural issues. (Senior Airman Marleah Miller/Air Force)
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By Stephen Losey, Air Force Times

Enlisted airmen's clothing allowances have slightly increased in value in fiscal 2014, which began Oct. 1, but the types of clothing available will not change.

The value of the initialclothing bag for male airmen will increase $26.88 this year to $1,490.92.

Female airmen's clothing bag will increase $33.75 to $1,701.03.

CHART | 2014 Clothing Bag for Men and Women

Enlisted airmen get a complete set of uniforms and accessories when they enter the service. In subsequent years, they receive annual allowances that are based on how long it takes to wear out each item and calculated by dividing the cost by the life expectancy of the item. The clothing allowance is typically paid on the anniversary of a member's entry into the military.

Airmen with fewer than three years of service receive a basic replacement allowance to begin replacing items from their initial issue as they wear out. And at the end of their first year of active duty, enlisted troops receive only half of the yearly allowance because it is assumed they do not need to replace any clothing in their first six months.

After enlisted troops complete three years on active duty, they begin receiving the standard replacement allowance, which is higher than the basic allowance.

Men's basic replacement allowances will increase $7.20 to $244.80, and their standard replacement allowances will increase $10.80 to $349.20.

Women's basic replacement allowances will increase $7.20 to $248.40, and their standard replacement allowances will increase $10.80 to $352.80.

The cost of men's service coat and trousers went up $11.32 and $11.82, respectively. And the cost of women's service coat and darted slacks went up $8.39 and $10.04, respectively.

But the cost of men's lightweight jacket dropped $21.34 from last year, and women's lightweight jacket dropped $18.81.

In addition to the replacement allowances, airmen get annual cash allowances for items that are expected to wear out each year.

The $75 annual cash allowance for men's and women's running shoes will remain unchanged from last year.

Women will also get $195.84 in cash for lingerie, stockings and underwear, a $3.66 increase from last year. They will get $51.33 in cash for pumps and a black dress - a $0.96 increase from fiscal 2013 - and $32.78 for a handbag, a $0.61 increase from last year.

The Air Force phased out the traditional Airman Battle Uniforms last year in favor of the new Ripstop ABUs and also dropped the old physical training trunks.

Officers do not get clothing allowances because they are paid more.

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