Robins Workers, Employees Find Resources at SHARE

6:55 PM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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Thousands of Robins Air Force Base workers felt relieved this week when the Department of Defense reduced forced furlough days from eleven to six.  

After this Friday, those civilians will have only one furlough day left to take. 

Still, about 100 people came to an event designed to help them cope with the pay cut.

Melody McKinney and her family found no shortage of loot or information at SHARE, which stands for Sharing Help and Assistance Resources for Everyone.

The second of the two free events hosted by the 21st Century Partnership was designed to help the entire community, with a focus on those impacted by furloughs.

McKinney said, "The main thing I am struck by is the kindness of everybody here, a general feeling like they really want to help."

She said her family of five wanted some tools to cope with her husband's pay cut. He works on base.

McKinney said, "We've just had to look at our budget really closely."

That includes the kids. She said, "We let them know ahead of time, maybe what we normally give them, we'd be cutting back on."

McKinney said medical, financial and resources for kids at the event will help going forward.

Travis and Shantoryia Cooper found them useful too, although neither work at Robins.

Travis Cooper said, "I saw a piece on the news this morning, while drinking my coffee."

The couple found information on getting out of debt, raising their five children and possibly starting their own business.

CEO of the Partnership, Bob McMahon, said that's what SHARE is all about.

McMahon said, "If we can help one person in Middle Georgia, then that's great. If we can help 1,000 people in Middle Georgia, regardless of where they work, that's even better."

McKinney said what she learned at the event will make a difference. A reduced number of furlough days helps, too.

She said, "Very relieved. Very thankful."

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said this week that he can't take furloughs off the table for next year.

The DOD cut $37 billion from their budget this year, as part of the Budget Control Act. Next year, they will have to cut another $52 billion.

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