Fla. Couple Says They Live Next to 'Neighbor from Hell'

10:00 AM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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Andre Senior, WSTP-TV (Tampa)


  • Nicole Carver says they had to get a security system because of their neighbor.
  • 'Neighbor from Hell' put up signs insulting Nicole's husband, a Special Ops trainer with the military.
  • Argument started with removing an alligator from a retaining pond.

VALRICO, Florida (10News) - A dispute over an alligator has ignited a feud between two neighbors that appears to be spiraling out of control.

Drew and Nicole Carver say their neighbor, John McDonough, has consistently harassed them since last October.

"We had a security system installed not because of the neighborhood that we live in, but because of the neighbor we live next to," said Nicole Carver.

It started after the Carvers called out wildlife officials to remove an alligator from a retention pond they share with McDonough. The move apparently angered McDonough so much that he began to put up yard signs insulting Drew Carver, a trainer with the military at MacDill Air Force Base.

One sign read, "In memory of Chris Kyle," an army sniper who was murdered by a fellow veteran back in February.

"He removed Chris Kyle's name from the sign and he said, 'Your name will be in there next,'" said Nicole Carver.

Other signs also insulted Drew Carver's service with the military. "It's very difficult for me to be told by a neighbor that people like me have problems assimilating back into society," said Drew Carver. "That 'people like your kind should be living on base' and we're not welcome out in a neighborhood like this."

10 News went to McDonough's home to get his side of the story, but he became belligerent. "There is no offensive sign. What offensive sign? I have a right. I am a U.S. citizen," he said.

The Carvers say he was seen taking pictures of their children and guests visiting their home.

The family says it has tried to reason with McDonough to no avail. They have also tried to get the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office involved, but it seems that McDonough is careful never to break the law in his actions.

Drew travels extensively for the military and is afraid to leave his family alone because of his neighbor's actions, so he hired an attorney who has filed an injunction. The case is expected to go before a judge in April.

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