McMahon: Community Support Key Piece of Partnership's Future

7:16 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Retired Major General Robert McMahon says garnering community support for the 21st Century Partnership will be a key piece of the group's future.

McMahon laid out his plans as the Partnership's new CEO at their quarterly meeting Thursday morning.

He said he wants everybody in Central Georgia to understand the importance of Robins Air Force Base in their daily lives.

McMahon said, "Everybody in this community needs to understand that Robins Air Force Base affects them each and everyday."

He said it's his new mission to communicate that and turn the understanding into financial support for the partnership.

McMahon said, "I am guessing it's going to take us about $1 million a year, for the next five years to do what we need to accomplish."

The donations will support the partnerships daily work to protect Robins from possible closure, or the next round of BRAC. That's expected as soon as 2015.

McMahon said efforts will be made in Washington and noticed locally too, with more shows of support for Robins.

Specifically, he wants to place signage along the major interstates, telling people that Warner Robins is home to Robins Air Force Base and the Museum of Aviation.

He said, "When you come to this community, by gosh, you're going to see it, and know it, and be proud of it. That's where were headed."

McMahon said the Partnership is in the process of getting its 501c3 tax status as a nonprofit, making it possible for individuals and foundations to make tax deductible donations.

He said those can be made now, but the money will not be spent until the IRS approves the application. That's expected in the next four months.

Also at Thursday's meeting, Senior Advisor to the Partnership Rick Goddard made summed up his time there. Goddard will no longer serve in that capacity. He described his tenure as a "transitional period." He encouraged the current leadership to leave "no stone unturned," when it comes to protecting the future of Robins.

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