Macon Beer Company Brews its First Batch for Sale

10:05 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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One central georgia brewery is busy making its first batch of beer to be sold. Elise Brown takes us through the brewing process.

The Macon Beer Company is making Macon Progres, a pale ale. "It's a really tight balance between low gravity sweetness and bitterness," said Jeremy Knowles, co-owner.

"Our lighter more refreshing more suitable to summer recipe. And I think progress is going to be perfect for the macon beer fest," said Cory Smith, co-owner.

Step one in the brewing process is boiling pots of water to temperatures greater than 150 degrees, weighing the grain and milling it. Milling is an important step. "It allows us to more efficiently get the flavor and color and sugar out of those grain seeds," said Smith.

Then something called the vorlof."That is where we re-circulate the wart, which is that sugar water pulled out of the grain. We re-circulate it through the grain bed, sort of to filter all of the little solid particles out, And also to make sure we're getting all the sugars out of that grain," said Smith.

Then you gotta sparge."That's where we rinse those grains with fresh water, at a certain temperature so that we can rinse all the sugars and flavors and colors out," he said.

Believe it or not, sugar plays a big role. "Sugar contributes a lot to the taste of the beer, but it also provides nourishment for the yeast. And without yeast you can't ferment the sugar, you won't get alcohol," said Smith.

Then you boil, add hops, continue to boil, start to cool and add the yeast. The fermentation then begins, that's when sugar is converted into alcohol. Making beer is almost like a science project. It may look like a quick process in this short video...but really it takes ten hours to brew.  After that it ferments for nearly a month. That means it'll be ready just in time for beer fest.

Beer fest is scheduled on Saturday, August 24 from 3-7 p.m.

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