Moviehouse | Reviewing 'Life of Pi' and 'Red Dawn'

3:11 PM, Nov 21, 2012   |    comments
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The holidays always seems like a great time to see a good movie.

This year's Thanksgiving buffet features films from Oscar contenders like 'Life of Pi' to popcorn flicks like the 'Red Dawn' remake.

Here 13WMAZ takes a look at reviews of both so you can figure out what you want to see in theaters while you're digesting your turkey and stuffing.  

Life of Pi 

Claudia Puig, for USA TODAY, praised "Life of Pi," giving it 3.5 stars (out of four) and calling it "a visual feast that leaves an indelible impression." She says Ang Lee applied the same touch for "epic filmmaking" that he displayed in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" while "evoking emotional resonance" just as he did in "Brokeback Mountain."

As good as the storytelling is, Roger Ebert says he was surprised most by the 3-D: "I've never seen the medium better employed, not even in 'Avatar'..."

Though many critics love gives it an "85% certified fresh" rating--that love is not universal. 

A. O. Scott, for the New York Times, says the movie  "embraces religion without quite taking it seriously, and is simultaneously about everything and very little indeed. Instead of awe, it gives us 'awww, how sweet.'"

Red Dawn

This remake of the 1980's cult classic take on Cold War fears didn't fare as well with the critics or with audiences. 

Puig also reviewed "Red Dawn" and said the reboot was "unnecessary" and "marred by one-dimensional characters and excessively shaky camera work."

The Associated Press's Jake Coyle notes that the original enemy in this flick was invading America from China but that was changed in post-production to North Korea out of fear "of offending China and its increasingly important movie-going market."

Blogging for, Luke Y. Thompson thinks "Red Dawn" is "the closest thing to a male version of Twilight that Hollywood can muster." And that's a compliment. He says the remake is superior to the original in at least one way: "the action is done better."

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