Middle Georgia Art Show Honors Cancer Survivors

4:38 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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This month you can check a special event at the Middle Georgia Art Association. This is a new experience for most of the folks that will see their creations under professional lights.

It's called "Celebrate Art... Celebrate Life."

Linda Embry says she always got regular check-ups but when her doctor wanted her to get a mammogram she balked.

"I said to the doctor, do I have to go for one and she said, 'Of course you do,'" Linda recalled.

After that test her life was never the same, Linda had two lumps.

"I went in and did a lumpectomy and that wasn't going to work so they took the whole breast off and it was traumatic," she said.

That was three years ago, now Linda finds herself in a unique position.

She is an artist getting ready to display work that she did while battling breast cancer.

"I learned how to chain stitch just this spring and that's a crochet term," she explained with a smile.

Everything hanging in the Middle Georgia Art Association gallery is done by someone affected by cancer, either patients, caregivers or loved ones.

Amidst the bright colors are some heart wrenching stories.  Shellia Marie Osteen put up a picture of her actual cervical cancer cells.

Glenn Grossman's son loved baseball and passed away from Leukemia.  Glenn is a photographer and set a ball on fire in his shot.

Linda says battling the demons is important, but she's also optimistic about the bright colors that dot the gallery and figures every emotion expressed in a brushstroke or a click of the camera is a highway to healing.

"When I look at these especially the flowers a lot of these were done in chemo treatment and to me that is such a positive thing at such a negative time in your life. When you paint, you're totally into painting and that takes your mind off to what is happening just a little bit," she recalled.

Every pieces comes with a pricetag.

"It would be fun to sell something," Linda says.

That would go down as a bonus for folks who have gone through a tough time in their lives yet found the strength to create something beautiful.

The show runs through June 27th.

The Middle Georgia Art Association Gallery is located in Macon's Ingleside Village.








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