Macon Charity in Need of Financial Help

6:42 AM, Sep 25, 2012   |    comments
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"For the first year, we've actually budgeted for a loss because we don't know where the money is going to come from."

Mary Gatti, Development Director at Loaves in Fishes Ministry in Macon says the charity is challenged with keeping up with the demand of people in need.

"Non profits usually always struggle and this economy hit us hard. Our donations are down, our individual donations are down. I was just looking at the figures for our end of year annual report and our individual donations are down about 12 percent."

The organization she says, offers everything from food to clothing to transitional housing. She says the tables have somewhat turned, in that they are the ones in need, just like the people they help.

Volunteer Harold Wilson says one big expense is keeping food stocked in their pantry.

"Not only do we need food or clothing, we need monetary donations, whatever the amount.

We have to purchase goods that we give to the families, so any donations that can be made from the citizens of Macon and the community are greatly appreciated."

71 year old Emmett Spivey who is disabled says he depends heavily on Loaves and Fishes.

"Things are hard right now and that's the way I survive. We need this place," Spivey says.

Gatti says she's confident that the charity will bounce back so that they can continue to help people like Spivey. She says she's seen their needs met before with the community's help.

"People in Macon are awesome. They come through when the call is sent and that's what we're hoping will happen with this."

 If you would like to help Loaves and Fishes, you can contact their office at 478-741-1007.

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