Cochran Girl Receives Canine Assistant

7:17 AM, Mar 21, 2012   |    comments
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Riley Edge from Cochran calls herself typical, but her parents say she's anything but.

"She's nine. She's a sweet girl. She's very smart and she has epilepsy," said her father Michael Edge.

Sasha Edge said "She's headstrong and determined. She's my hero."

Seizures often attack Riley. "She falls to the ground. She jerks. She draws her hands up. She kicks. Sometimes she can't breathe," said Sasha. That's why they want a dog with talents like the goldendoodle, Sundance.

A non-profit organization in Alpharetta trains dogs as canine assistants. They can alert care givers when seizures start and may even sense them coming.

"If it allows her just a little bit of freedom, where she can go to her room, read a book without us calling her name every minute of the day, it's worth it," said Sasha.

The family went to the Robins Air Force Base commissary where Milkbone and the Deca Grocery Store announced they will sponsor a canine assistant for Riley. Training costs $20,000.

Riley said "I was hopping up and down. I was screaming. I was so excited. They won't have to check up on me, like when I go outside. My brother won't have to go outside with me, unless he wants to."

Riley will have to go through two weeks of training before taking the dog home.

"It just gives her more freedom, so we don't have to watch over her like we do," said Michael.

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